Monsoon Shed

monsoon shed in mumbai

Specialist for Monsoon Sheds and Waterproof Sheds.

We offer reliable & durable Monsoon shed in Mumbai. Our water proof tarpaulins and sheds are reputed and have great demand and we are the reputed name for Monsoon Shed builder. Tarpaulin basic structure is made from wooden bullies, roof & side structure made with bamboos & coir ropes, then it covered with waterproof HDPE Tarpaulins, for extra safety black plastic is used on tarpaulins. Now days we have started using M.S truss for huge spans for vehicles or forklift movement where ever required. For erection work we are having expert supervisors and skilled workers team, they erect sheds as per your specification and exact requirement. Our quality material and experience labour ensures maximum reliability and Solidity to the sheds. We take total responsibility for sheds like Estimate/ budget for shed, plan and diagram for best possible way to utilize available space, transportation of materials to site & erection of the sheds, after expiry of contract dismantling of shed and taking back material. A part from this you will get round-the-clock free service against any leakage or Damage to our sheds.


Waterproof Tarpaulins and Shed

Monsoon shed builder are erected as per your specification & requirement in your own premises anywhere in India. MONSOON SHEDS are made up of Bamboos suru ballies, Tarpaulins, ropes, Plastic etc. Monsoon shed is just a Temporary warehouse to protect your goods from Rain & Sun in your own premises We are expert erecting Monsoon Shed as per the requirement of the customer.Monsoon Shed is made using bamboos, bullies, tarpaulins, etc that are completely waterproof. Our trained and efficient staffs carry out the construction of waterproof tarpaulins and shed that tend to withstand any amount of rain water. Monsoon shed constructed by us till date has proven to be durable and economical as well. Often recognized as a foremost Monsoon shed builders in Mumbai, we erect Monsoon shed in Mumbai and across. We mend Monsoon shed at the premises of the customers as per their requirement, at a very reasonable price. We at RAVI TARPAULIN take total responsibility for the erecting of MONSOON SHED i.e. from transporting all materials at your site, deploying laborer to erect and dismantle the MONSOON SHED and provide non-stop services on your phone call throughout contract period. Our commitment to provide you 100% professional service with technical team and latest guideline. Our water proof tarpaulins and sheds tarpaulin protect your material from rain, sun, and storm, damages, scratched, dust, and discolor theft. Finally- no tension & good sleep at night.